I had the pleasure of meeting you the week of Thanksgiving. Your readings were phenomenal! Every one of us walked away with the feeling that we had been in the presence of someone who has been given a powerful gift and I thank you for sharing it.
You told me that I would be getting some lilies of the valley by Christmas Eve and that they were being sent by my husband who has passed away. I waited and kept my eyes, ears and senses open as you did explain that it might not be the flowers themselves but a perfume with that scent or a picture, card, etc. Christmas Eve came and went without my lilies of the valley; but, it was still on my mind. On January 12th, I was at a candle shop with one of the women that was at the same reading with me a few weeks back and we were picking out candles that were on sale because they were the Christmas stock and they were trying to get rid of them. My friend found one, picked it up and smelled it. She said to me, 'This is lily of the valley'. Well, as you can imagine, we both looked at each other, and knowing your prediction, we both knew it was meant for me. How were lily of the valley candles mixed in with Christmas candles? Not a coincidence. I now have my lilies of the valley and I cannot tell you what peace and joy I feel every time I look at that candle. I have not yet used it; but, I will when the time is right. Thank you again and God bless."

Kathy, 1/12/2007

"Dear Linnea, I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful session I had with you and my close friends Saturday night. It was a first time for all of us and we were all very touched by how honest and forthcoming you were. You've helped us all with questions and concerns we've had.
A personal thank you from me for connecting to my grandparents. I didn't realize it at the timebut I know my Nana and Grampy had come through, too. My Memer'e had said that she's with the oldest. Well, I thought it was my mother; but, it was my uncle. He had passed away almost exactly a year ago and I had not had any contact with him since I was one years old, when he left. I'm glad to know he is with his mother.
I had a very good talk with my mom about your reading and alot of names and places you talked to me about made sense after talked with her. Thank you so much again for bringing more peace into my life. I will definitely keep you in mind, pass your name along to my loved ones, and keep you in my prayers. You've helped me with alot of questions, now answered, but some still remain. I'm sure they'll be answered in time. You are an inspiring person and it was a pleasure to meet you and for you to spend time sharing your stories with us."

Heather, 1/15/2007

"My name is Jackie and I met with Linnea twice last year. The first time was in July and it was amazing what came through the wax. There were two fetus' that came through and were very prominent. There were the letters B-O-Y that stood out also. I have had two miscarriages and I believe they were both boys (or maybe that is for my future).
The second time I went to meet Linnea was in September. My brother died in July and I went to Linnea to try and get in touch with him. In the middle of her reading to someone else, she said 'Yolanda!'. That was my mother's name. My brother being the impatient person he had been all his life, I believe, wanted me to know that he was there. This was an amazing reading! Linnea said 'Mickey Mouse' from him. I had no idea what that meant. Then I remembered that he gave me a collectible book of Mickey Mouse when I was only 7 years old which I still have to this day. She also said I would get something in the mail having to do with him. That same night, my other brother got news that his son was the beneficiary to my brother's life insurance.

Jacqueline, 1/21/2007

image sample"Hi Linnea, it was good to see you Saturday night and, as always, a great reading. I have to tell you that when my grandmother came through, she had said something about the glow in the dark rosary beads. The next day at work (I teach in a Catholic school), I was handed a box full of glow in the dark rosary beads to use when I teach the children. I almost died right there!!! Thank you so much again for a wonderful reading. Thank you from me, and my daughter, Dani."
Mary, 1/23/2007

"I've actually had the pleasure of two readings. During the first reading, you immediately stated that you didn't want anyone to mention names. You picked my friend first and during her reading, asked her who Elaine was, well my name is Elaine and I was sitting across from her. We've been friend for 38 years. During my reading, you asked who Donna was, and that was her name! That blew us away because no one had mentioned names image samplenor did we make eye contact when you did mention our names.
My grandmother came through during my first reading and you asked me if she was a religious woman because she was showing you the book of faith. A year later, my great-niece was born and her name is Faith. You also asked if I had purchased real estate in Maine. I had just bought a travel trailer and placed it in a seasonal campground in Maine. You also asked if my husband had a motorcycle, I bought him one for his 40th birthday. You asked who Kristin was. That's my daughter and she was very close with my grandmother.
During my second reading, my godmother came through. You asked me why she was holding pearls and singing the song 'At Last'. You said pearls meant a wedding. I had no idea. You also asked me who Jean was. Jean is my mother and they were extremely close. You also said she was showing you Beaver Brook. Again, I had no idea what that meant. You said she would come to me as a white butterfly. I had never seen a white butterfly nor did I think they existed.
Shortly after my reading, I was driving home from a job interview (which I accepted) and saw a sign that read Beaver Brook. A few weeks later, I was standing outside of my new office building on my cell phone and the biggest whitest butterfly fluttered right past me! I almost dropped my cell phone. My godmother's daughter also saw a white butterfly while she was picking weeds in her garden. She also had never seen one before.
Several months later, I was doing my bills and came across my notes from my reading. I called my mother to share it with her. I mentioned the white pearls and the song 'At Last' and told her I had no idea what that meant. My mother said, 'Oh my God, your sister called me yesterday and said that she picked that as her wedding song'. I hadn't shared my reading with anyone in my family, so that was unbelievable. What was even more unbelievable was one day, I got into my godmother's daughter's car and she had the Etta James CD. I saw it and told her about my reading. She told me that she bought that CD for her mother because she loved that song and sang it often during the time she was sick with ovarian cancer."

Elaine, 1/24/2007

"I have had amazing experiences with Linnea with every reading she has given me! She is an amazing individual who has been blessed with a special gift. The first time I met her, I was 7 months pregnant with my first child. We had never met before, she didn't know my name, my family, etc. I didn't say anything to her about what sex the child was nor when the due date image samplewas. She absolutely nailed everything! She knew the sex of the baby, her due date, the actual date she was going to be born on and what I was planning on naming her.
She also said that my husband was going to have success at the G.E. My in-laws and I were in total shock because no one else knew that he was in school for machinery and trying to get into G.E.
The other recent experience I had was when we had a party with Linnea at my aunt's house. She told me that I was going to receive or see a pink elephant with its trunk up. It was going to mean good luck and/or that I am heading in the right direction. The next day, I was sitting in my living room with my sister-in-law telling her all about my reading. I came to the part about the pink elephant and no sooner did I say it, my sister-in-law and I both look to the left and realized there was a pink elephant piggy bank with its trunk pointing up! A while later, I was cleaning up some of my daughter's toys and noticed one was a pink elephant with its trunk up! I'm telling you, she is good. Anyone that can make my macho husband a believer and get him all choked up is the real thing!
She also told me that within 18 months, we are going to have a little boy and move into our own house. So I'm crossing my fingers and I will keep you updated. I just want to thank Linnea so much for using her gift and not letting what other people who don't believe in her get in the way of her ability!"

Janelle, 2/17/2007

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