"I wanted to tell you that your night with our group in January was unbelievable! I couldn't believe how well you connected my Grandfather and I. You told me that he would be sending me two pink roses.Two days later, I went to go visit my Grandmother in the hospital and in the window was a vase with two perfect pink roses.
You also mentioned the song "Over the Rainbow"; but, I couldn't figure that one out. Later, in speaking with my aunt, she told me that my daughter, Grandmother and her always listened to a version of that song every time they got into the car. I did not know this.
All the names you mentioned were his sisters and brothers that have passed on. There were so many other connections that I made after our meeting that it took my breath away. It was such a reassuring feeling. Thank you so much. I know I will be seeing you again."

Joi, 2/19/2007

"I have had 2 readings done at my house with Linnea. The first reading was in December. Ihad been seeing a spirit in my house and I later found image sampleout that there was a deep sea fisherman who raised his family in my home about 20 years ago. I contacted the fisherman's family and invited two of the children and two of the grandchildren to the reading. The children of the fisherman were not working with the spirit connection as he was trying to communicate with them. They were not verifying any of the information he was giving them. All of a sudden, as you started to say my last name (which you had no idea that was my last name) the lights went out. I got up and looked out the window to see if the street lights were off as well and I noticed everyone else had power. I took a candle and went down the basement stairs to check the fuse box and found that the main breaker switch was off. I turned it back on and began to head upstairs. I felt that I had stepped on something and when I looked, there were four fresh but dead herring fish. One was on the table under the fuse box and the rest were at the bottom of the stairs. I guess the fisherman wanted his children to realize that he was really trying to communicate with them. It was the most amazing experience I, along with everyone else that attended the party, had ever had.
The second reading I had was on 2/15/2007. You were very frightened by our dog. About half way through the readings, the dog went up to you and rested his head on your lap. You relayed to us that he told you he was rescued and that he liked his new home. He also told you to not be afraid of him. You had no idea that my sister had found the dog by the side of the road 2 weeks prior to your visit to my home. No one claimed him so we kept him and he has made himself quite comfortable in my home now!"

Erin, 2/26/2007

"My friend had told me about Linnea and I decided to go ahead and seek her out for my own first hand account of events in my past, present and future life. To say the least, Linnea did not disappoint.
image sampleMy sister and I sat and listened how my sister's daughter, my niece, who has been unable to conceive a child, would not only receive the gift of a child, but also carry her own baby. That was Friday night and on Monday morning, February 11, 2007, my niece called to let me know that she had in fact been given the gift of a child. A mother had given birth to a baby boy, and immediately left the hospital without him. My niece has become Liam Thomas' mother. During my reading with Linnea, I was also able to reach out to my brother who had died in an accident years back. My brother was born on February 11, the same day Liam came into my niece's life. Through Linnea, my brother communicated to me that a Mighty Mouse would also come to me. I was so skeptical because it was something that I never thought I would see again, since it was so long ago in my childhood. I was shopping in Walmart one afternoon to buy some mascara and decided to go through the clothing department, which I never, ever do. While I was looking at one of the racks and was about ready to leave, I turned in the opposite direction and in front of me was a t-shirt with a Mighty Mouse on the front. Needless to say, I bought the shirt.
Thank you for giving me the ability to communicate with my family. I find great comfort knowing my loved ones are at peace."

Laurie, 3/1/2007

"On June 14, 2006, I had a meeting with Linnea. One of the things she said was my husband (in spirit world) was going to send a tweety bird to my son. I never mentioned this to my children and on July 5, 2006, about 8 of us were standing in my backyard and coming from image samplethe front of the house flew a bird and landed on my son's head and then flew to my other son and landed on his shoulder. He kept going back and forth between them and not to anyone else. I looked at the bird and realized it was a cockatiel. Knowing it had to belong to someone, I called the animal control officer. When I was on the phone, I looked down on the floor that was outside the outdoor shower and saw the shape of this bird in the water - even with the feathers sticking out from the top of his head.
We brought the bird in the house and he had the best time flying around and resting on their shoulders. I found an old dog create to temporarily house the bird and my sons were the only ones the bird would allow to put him in the cage. We did all types of searches trying to find the owner but came up empty. When the weekend was over, my son took him to his home in Cambridge. He would put him on his shoulder, walk out the door, drive to his office, and walk in with the bird still on his shoulder. This went on for 2 weeks until one day standing out in his backyard with the bird on his shoulder, my son tossed a bottled into the garbage pail and the noise startled the bird and off he flew over the houses.
I suggested he call the animal control officer and sure enough, someone had found the bird in the park across the street. My son was thrilled to get Denny, the cockatiel, back especially since he represents a message from his Dad."

Randi, 3/1/2007

"I had a party at my house in February. I had people there that wanted to experience it for themselves. Some people were skeptical and others were not. My brother, Tommy, was read and our brother who passed in July came through. He was saying 'Dockside' and was giving a thumbs up and smiling. This was my brother's favorite restaurant that he went to often. Tommy was brought to tears and was amazed with what Linnea had to say.image sample
I had another friend there, who was skeptical until he was read. He broke down crying over things that were said to him. His wife's uncle came through for him. He wanted Linnea to say Punxsutawney Phil and February 2nd. Well, his birthday is February 2nd and he has a collection of Punxsutawney Phils. He is obsessed with them! This just about sent my friend over the edge. He broke down and could not believe everything he heard that night. He left my house a believer and said there is no way she could have known all that information. Linnea has the gift. Thank you, Linnea!"

Jackie, 3/14/2007

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