"I have had two readings with Linnea. The first time, it was done at my friend's house. I didn't bring anything with me, not even a picture. image sampleLinnea started saying that she was being brought to Route 1, Saugus, Spinelli's Restaurant. My godmother's last name is Spinelli; she passed away last November, suddenly. She also asked who Florence was, and that was my godmother's first name, Florence Spinelli. She asked me who Sal was and that is my godfather, Florence's husband. She gave me the name Carmella, Camille, the month of September, the month of March, Sebago Lake in Maine (none of which meant anything to me). I am fortunate enough that my godfather is still alive and living in Texas. I emailed him and explained that I had had a reading. I asked him to call me so he could either confirm or deny the names, places, months, etc. that I wasn't familiar with. He called me first thing the next morning and said that Carmella was Florence's best friend from when she was 8 years old. September was Florence's birth month and March was their son's birth month. The Sebago Lake meaning was really different in that when Sal, Florence and my dad were teenagers and living in Everett, had gone to Sebago Lake with 2 other friends one weekend. Both the friends had unfortunately drowned at this lake.
At my second reading, which I had at my house this July, my deceased boss came through. Linnea mentioned that I'd receive pink roses and that it would be a sign from him. Las week, I had my dearest friend Simb (my pet for 13 years) put to rest. That was on Wednesday, July 25th. When I came home later that day, the mail was on the table. I opened an envelope looking for a donation which also contained pretty labels with my name imprinted on them. Behind the labels was another sheet of stickers full of beautiful pink roses. Those were my roses! She also said the name William. His name was Willard, but he went by the name Bill. Needless to say, when new acquaintances met him as Bill, they always assumed his name was William. He also gave her the name 'JJ'. Willard had 2 sons, Jared and Joshua.
She said that something would be named after him. He had a canoe named after him at the college his youngest daughter attended in NY. She told me I'd get news on July 23rd, 24th or 25th. I was approved for Social Security Disability on the 23rd. Linnea also said that his death was a 'surprise'; he didn't get to finish things since he thought he had more time. Willard died on the Charles River, as a member of the BU Crew Team, at age 71, unexpectedly. He did leave things unfinished, a very special item: he never finalized his will. Get this: he was an attorney and I his devoted assistant for 20 years.
It's things like that makes you believe that she does have a beautiful, ever so special gift. It's very selfless and giving of her to share her gift with all of us."

Mary Anne, 7/31/2007

"I would like to thank you for the gift of connecting me with my father and for the incredible recovery of my German Shepard's hearing through your prayers. Each of my sessions with you have delivered the most powerful and detailed confirmation of your truly gifted talents in connecting with deceased loved ones. Your connection with my father who died in November, 1995 has given me the confidence and strength to know that he watches overme and my children. Testimony to this extraordinary gift is the night I met with you in February, 2005. I was a victim of abuse and going through great difficulties in getting separated from my abuser. Before I left my house that night, I was emotionally broken. I walked into my son's room and saw a purple synthetic flower on the floor. Not knowing how it got there, I picked it up and squeezed it. I thought to myself that I just wanted a sign that my father watched over me in this terrible and troubled time in my life. I placed it on my nightstand and prepared to leave for our meeting. I had only met you once before and considering the day I was having, I was hesitant to go. But I put on my 'happy face' and left. This meeting was one of the group sessions so I waited for my turn. You immediately had a connection with my father and began to tell me that I had a great deal of dental pain a few months back. I said, yes, I had image samplefor six weeks been on pain killers and gone through three surgical procedures for an abscessed tooth. You continued to tell me he was pointing to his heart, and was telling me to display his purple heart. He had given me his purple heart many years ago. Unfortunately, I had not seen it in years because I had misplaced it. You said he wanted me to look at it and I would feel courage and strength, and like the great pain I endured with my tooth, I would get through this current struggle and pain. Then you said he was asking about a purple Hyacinth flower in my hand. I told you that I had had a purple flower in my hand before I had come to see you that night. I didn't know what kind it was until you described it. I knew then my father truly watches over me. The following morning, I went into the office in my house and there on the bookshelf was the rectangular purple box with my father's purple heart inside of it. It was a miracle, I had not been able to find it in years and there it was so clearly displayed. To this day, I have the heart and flower in a safe place where I can go and hold them when things get tough for me.
In the Summer of 2006, I met with you again, this time at my house for a private session. My sister was in town and wanted a chance to meet with you as well. I had only one question on my mind that day, and that was to know if my father watched over my son, whom I worry so much about. Again, you began to say my father was saying 'pond'. You kept insisting 'pond, Walden Pond, Thoreau, the poet'. Yes, my son only two days prior to seeing you was at Walden Pond in an ice storm. I had worried about him so much that day and I kept praying that my father would keep him safe. You said he was in a picture that my son had taken that day. I told you that my son had indeed taken a picture that day and that there was an orb of light next to my son. You told me that was my father, the circle of light was my father. I have that picture in my room now.
Most of all, I want to thank you for praying over my German Shepard's ears. During that last visit, you walked by her as she was sleeping in her chair. You stopped and commented on what a beautiful animal she was and how she reminded you of your dog that had died some years ago. I told that she was indeed a wonderful dog; but, had been recently confirmed dear by a local vet. I had suspected it for months and was no longer able to take her out for runs without a leash as I was concerned for her safety. She seemed depressed to me, too. It distressed me to think of an animal who depended so much on sound to be living in a silent world. She is old and had had several bouts of ear infections which the vet felt perhaps with her age and the medications used to treat her infections may have contributed to her loss of hearing. You asked if you could pray over her ears and when you were done, you told me to watch over the next week or two for signs of her restored hearing. To my amazement, within a week I started to notice things that made me think she was hearing again. It continued to improve! I started to call her and she would turn to look at me. She was hearing! My children also began to notice she was responding to sound. Today, she goes out for walks with me and I can call her if a car is coming or if I need her attention to keep her safe. She looks at me now and is happy once again, I see it in her eyes, her world is no longer silent. I see her gratitude and it is important to me that you know that you have given me such incredible gifts and the only way I can repay you is only with my simple words of 'ThANK YOU', it may never seem adequate enough but it from the depth of my heart. Thank you!"

Carol, 8/10/2007

"You gave me such a comforting message last week, I just wanted to thank you. I had called you to book a date for a reading at my house for a group of family members. You image sampleand I had never met or spoke before. We discussed dates and you told me that you would call me back with a definite answer. I figured that was it. Then you asked me, 'Who is Joseph?'. I replied that he is my father-in-law. You also asked me, 'Who is Arianna?'. I could not believe me ears. I replied, 'MY DAUGHER!' You also told me that Joseph gives lots of love to Arianna!! I felt so overwhelmed, I started to cry. Arianna is Joseph's first born grandchild. He died suddenly almost three years ago. They love each other so much. He is so deeply missed. Thank you, thank you, thank you for giving me such a beautiful message when you could have easily just ended our phone call. I'm looking forward to meeting you, Linnea, and receive a full reading."
Jeanne, 8/13/2007

"In January 2005, I was at my sister-in-law's house and I met Linnea for the first time. I was very surprised and happy with the results. There were 4 members of my family there that night. I knew something that no one else knew. My father-in-law and brother-in-law image samplecame through and told us about a baby in July. I knew that my daughter was going to have a baby in August, but because it was a difficult pregnancy, I hadn't told anyone yet. She was always told that she wouldn't get pregnant because of her medical history.
The second time I met Linnea, she had come to my home. When she came in, I told her we were missing one person. She replied, 'Her and the baby will be alright'. My daughter had gone into the hospital the previous day. The baby was born at 26 weeks weighing 1 lb, 11 oz, on April 27th. During that time, Linnea had called me and said she envisioned my daughter holding her baby in a white christening gown. It was touch and go for 3 months; but she came home healthy and beautiful in July.
At the first meeting with Linnea, she asked if I knew Victor or Victory and at the time, I did not. The baby also appeared in the wax. We now have a healthy, beautiful, blonde, blue eyed little girl named Victoria Yvonne. The first time that Linnea and Victoria met, she went right to Linnea as if she had known her before. Linnea has become a friend to her and all of our family. I am very glad to have met Linnea, she is comforting and a nice person and I believe she has a very special gift."

Mary, Victoria's Nana, 10/11/2007

"I recently sats down with you in Malden hoping to get in touch with someone I had loved very much and had passed suddenly on October 5th (three weeks before I met with you). He was my husband whom I was married to for 21 years. He was also my best friend. You sat with his picture and immediately started telling me things and asking me about different names. So much information came out that I couldn't write fast enough but luckily I did tape record our meeting
One thing that stood out was that you told me you saw Lillys of the Valley with a white rose. You told me he was going to send them to me. The following weekend after my reading, my son came to my house with an old friend of his. They asked me to babysit her daughter so they could go to the movies that night. His friend's daughter was a beautiful little one year old girl named Lily Rose. I held her and played with her all night and it was the best night I had had since his passing.
image sampleYou also told me he was saying someone was getting a tattoo to honor him. You said it three times. You mentioned a tattoo with an angel. Well my daughter who was turning 16 asked me today for only one thing for her birthday which was on October 26th. I had told her yes but since she was too young, I didn't think it would happen. An old acquaintance of the family flew up from Florida who just happened to do tattoos. He also just happened to have done my husbands tattoo when my husband was only 18. He agreed to do my daughter's and said he would draw something up for her. She did get her tattoo! I have attached a picture of it! Although not a complete angel, it does have the angel wings and it most definitely honors her dad!

Another thing was before my husband died, his brother who is a minister and very devout Christian would talk to him over and over about believing in Jesus. My husband didn't want to hear it or would just agree with him so he would stop talking about it. You asked me who Jon was. That was my husband's brother and his message to him was to tell him, 'Jon, I know'. That was such a relief to me and all his family. You have no idea. When my husband image sampleand I first met, I always told everyone it was love at first sight. I said it when we met and I said it until the day he passed. I also believed we were soul mates. He also felt that way as well. You told me that day he had said 'Love at first sight' over and over again. I know he was there with us that day in the room and knowing that has helped me so much. Although I am still grieving, I am sure I will see him again someday because of his message to his brother.
There were so many things that came up as well like a trip to Vermont that you saw around my kids possibly. At the time, I had no idea what this meant until I talked to my son the next day. My son who is 24 years old, met a girl that lives in Vermont and he has been secretly planning on visiting her. I had no idea. You also mentioned red hair and freckles. Well sure enough, he showed me a picture of her and she has red hair and freckles! You said my husband sends his love to Cathy, Angie and Mary. He has 6 brothers and sisters and you had listed 3 of them!
All I can say is thank you soooo much, Linnea. I hope to meet with you again with some other family members in the near future. I hope they can feel a little bit lighter and be more at peace the way I felt after leaving you that day. You truly have a gift and thank you so much for sharing it the way you do."

Julie, 10/30/2007

"Linnea, my family and I can't thank you enough for the message we received from our loved one. My noni meant so much to me and I know it was her that you were communicating with. When you mentioned Ave Maria, I just couldn't believe it. That was the song we played at her funeral because she loved the Blessed Mary so much. You mentioned bingo and I can remember going to the senior center in Medford with her to play bingo withimage sampleall of her friends when I was little. Some of the dates that I did not validate right away were validated when I spoke with my mom. You named exact birthdays of my aunt and uncle, who were my grandmother's older children. You mentioned our house in Medford that my grandmother was looking for and she was looking for it because it was burned down and no longer standing. The 'Sabatino' reference you made I later found out, was very close sounding to a nickname that my great grandmother used to call my grandfather. She used to call him 'Sabatidu', which sounds like Sabatino. The reason this is such an extra blessing is because my grandfather passed away the day after our reading. I remember the first card that I pulled out of the deck was the death card....and I knew it was for him. But the second card was very comforting because you said my grandmother was relaying the message that there is no death, but life goes on for eternity and that comforts me now that I am mourning his loss. I just cannot thank you enough for your very special gift that you have. You are a wonderful gift from God to have the ability to speak with our loved ones that have passed. It was so nice to finally meet you and take part in such a special event. Thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart".
Jennifer, 11/20/2007

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