In October of 2006 I attended a session with Linnea at the Salem Council on Aging.  She was unknown to me, at the time she gave me the following information:  she knew my image samplehusbands profession, she knew I had two children and that I lived half the year in Turkey and half the year here in the United States.  She told me that I had an adolescent granddaughter and that she would soon have a baby sister join the family.  I thought Linnea was referring to my granddaughter not believing that I would have another grandchild.  Linnea knew that it was my daughter’s second marriage and that there was music around the husband (he is a composer).  It is now January 2008 and my new baby granddaughter was born Nov. 22, 2007.

Linnea also told me that my mother had given me a brooch and that my mother who is passed away wanted me to wear it, I had never worn it until now I wear it all the time. 

When the prophecies came to be I was very emotionally moved and now believe Linnea has the ability to reach the unknown.

Tolunay Kolankaya
January 2008

Hello Linnea,

I met you last night at the Marblehead Community Center for a reading; thank you for taking such special time with and care of me.  I was very comfortable, and I am sorry that I did not recognize some of the names you mentioned.  But not to worry – I have to say that image sampleI already believe, and I thank you for taking my belief to the next level.  I wrote the names down anyways, and I am positive they will come to me.  Sometimes thinking about death is so scary, and sometimes I worry that I will be alone, but I won’t be, will I?  that is especially comforting.

Just last night you said that my Cousin, Michael, would give me a gift of blue M&M’s.  Well, here it is the VERY NEXT MORNING, and I have my story.  Every Friday my company buys breakfast for us.  One of the gentlemen who brought in the first “half” of my breakfast was in the kitchen and noticed that we were out of plates.  So I volunteered to find them for him.  I went to the receptionist, Sarah, to greet her and ask if we had any paper plates.  In greeting her, I relayed my reading as she believes (I had not mentioned your name, but I will get to that), and so she walked with me to the storeroom as I told her about the blue M&M’s.  On our way back with a stack of plates, the other “half” of breakfast came in the door.  I asked to help by bringing the breakfast to the cafeteria, as Sarah and I were on our way there with the plates.

We entered the cafeteria, and Sarah dropped off the plates and left, and I put the three boxes on the table and stayed.  I decided to open the boxes, which I NEVER do because I don’t eat donuts, and in the first box of Dunkin’ Donuts that I opened, in the front of the box, was a chocolate frosted donut with BLUE M&M’s!!!!! I have attached a picture, albeit I ate a bite first. J  Why is this even more significant?

I have NEVER seen a donut with M&M’s on it, and neither had my co-workers, and it was the ONLY donut, out of three boxes, with M&M’s.  It happened on a day dated 1/11 – anytime anything good happens in my life, I always see the number (whether it be a time, date, a sign, etc) 111 or 1111.  Sarah was so amazed, that she asked me who did the reading; when I said your name, I found out she had a reading with you as well- which I did not know.

My cousin was a chef, and he died of an infection due to Diabetes complications.  He loved food, especially the sweets he was not supposed to eat.  My Italian Catholic family showed love through food.  How appropriate with a gift of a donut.  Even though I am on Weight Watchers, I ate the donut with the Blue M&M’s – the gift from my cousin, from heaven, from Salve Regina my mother, and enjoyed my blessing.

Thank you and God Bless, Linnea.  Thank you for helping all of us in this world, for dedicating your life to help, guide, and heal.  You are a true gift from heaven, and may blessings rain down from heaven on you.

I look forward to receiving my Cinderella slipper!

Lisa Thorn
January 2008

Good Morning Linnea,

I had a reading with you this past August 2007.  My fiancé had passed on Easter Sunday of the same year.  He had told you that he would be sending me something of Romeo and Juliet in January.  I just received it today, January 24th 2008.  A woman that I worked went on a small errand last night for Valentine’s Day cards.  She said that one drew her to it and she couldn’t stop staring at it.  She said to herself, “This is Kathleen’s Valentine.”

The card read, “I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine. . .  Song of songs 6:3.”  It also had a single red rose on the front.

No one would understand the meaning of this but a few people.  Those few would be the artist that tattooed the exact same saying on my back in Hebrew with a cross and a single image samplerose, you, and myself.  I got this tattoo in memory of him.  He had asked you who was getting a tattoo in his memory and I told you it was me.  Only at that time I had no idea what it would be of.  My tattoo was just completed two short weeks ago and he sent me this card to show me he is and always will be with me.

This was my second reading with you and I cannot thank you enough for helping me to receive these little fits from family members who have passed.  It is so comforting to know that they are still with me.  You have a beautiful gift and I cannot ever thank you enough for sharing it with me.

Kathleen DeYeso
January 2008

Hi Linnea,

I saw you at a party at my friend’s house almost a year ago.  You kept on mentioning a white elephant with its trunk turned up.  I didn’t know what you meant.  Someone else in the room said that it was probably for her.  I dismissed this and continued to listen.  You told me I would hear of someone going to Ireland.  You also told me I was going to buy a image samplehouse on a street that began with a J.  I have been living with my parent’s apartment for over a year and a half and had no intentions of purchasing a house anytime soon.  Well when I got home I reread my notes.  As I looked up staring me in the face was a white marble elephant with its trunk turned up.  My parents had gotten it from Mexico when I was little.  My elderly next door neighbor passed away.  He had four children.  One of his children had just returned from a trip to Ireland.  (A girl I have known since childhood.)  She was supposed to buy her family home.  Then one day in November a sign went up saying that the house was for sale.  My husband came home from work and said why don’t we buy it?  Two weeks later, the house was ours.  Did I mention that I live on Jefferson Street?  Our friends in the neighborhood call us the “J Street Posse!”  Thank you for all of this.  I feel that my brother is always with me; and having you to keep us connected is very precious gift.

Thank you
February 2008


I have seen you twice, and some of my family members have seen you at other times, and I have to say that we are astounded at what you were able to tell us… First, I saw you in image sampleAugust of 2007.  You brought through my some Uncles, some Aunts, and my Grandfathers.  You told me the name of my current boyfriend, and told me when a proposal could be coming up (to date, the time you predicted has not come about yet, so I will update you as things continue to occur).  You told me his address!  You told my sister that you saw a nursing cap (she is currently studying nursing)!  You recalled past boyfriends of both cousins and me, not only recalling their names, but giving us the peace of mind that they would stop bothering us.  Plus so many more occurrences…..

The second time I saw you, you were able to bring forth my recently passed grandmother.  The things you told me were amazing.  She brought up jewelry, the fact that I was I first born, and you said that I would be receiving a pair of “Cinderella’s Slippers”.  Well, a few weeks later, one of my students handed me a picture she had made for me, and low and behold, it was a picture from a Disney coloring book of Cinderella in her glass slippers.  You also told me that a colleague would become pregnant with a baby girl.  My co-worker recently found out she was pregnant and it was indeed a girl.  You also predicted Irish twins for my boyfriend’s family.  This was in November.  These twins would be associated with the letter “M”.  Well, at Christmas dinner, my boyfriends cousins (they are the newly married sisters) announced that they were both expecting, due dates 2 weeks apart.  These are only a few of the amazing things that you have predicted that have come true for my family and I.  We look forward to booking with you again in the future to update you on your predictions.  Thank you.

Kristin in Winthrop, MA
February 2008

Dear Linnea,

I had a reading with you last Wednesday night.  I wrote to thank you for the most wonderful and amazing gifts I have ever received in my whole life; a visit from my mom.  My mom passed in September 1987.  I brought a piece of my mom’s jewelry with me, and you held on to it throughout my entire reading.  You told me that my mom told you to tell me that image sampleshe sent her love to Maureen, and before I could respond, you told me that Maureen was my mom’s oldest child.  This is indeed true.  You mentioned to me where my mom had grown up, with specific street names.  You also mentioned a bracelet that my mom told you that I had; a bracelet that one of my children had made for me with pictures of my children’s faces on it.  Now, may I mention that I was not wearing that bracelet?  You described that bracelet exactly.  The most amazing thing of all…an the most precious part of this gift… my cousin’s daughter had died just 2 days prior to my reading.. This had never been mentioned to you, or anyone else that was present in the room.  Her name was Kerry, You told me that my mom told you to tell me that Kerry was with Anne; in fact, specifically, that she was walking with Anne.  She also told you that Kerry was dressed in blue, and was surrounded in light blue.  Now Kerry’s grandmother’s name was Anne, who died several years ago.  Also Kerry unfortunately, had never walked a day in her life, as she had the misfortune of being born with spina bifida.  Also, Kerry’s casket was light blue, and she was wearing a light blue sweater as well, which was Kerry’s favorite color.  Because of you giving me that gift from my mom, I was able to deliver part of that gift to my sister, and then, give the gift of Kerry’s ability to finally walk, and be with her grandmother to her entire family was the gift of all gifts.  Kerry’s funeral was very sad, as you would expect, but as I sat in church, and looked up at the altar, and saw the angel dressed in blue looking down on all of us, I had a feeling of contentment, I know that Kerry is at peace, walking, and with her beloved grandmother.  Linnea, from the bottom of my heart, and on behalf of Kerry’s family, we all thank you for this most wonderful gift you have given all of us.  God bless you.

April 2008

Dear Linnea,

I would like to share this testimonial on your website.

You came to my house in Wakefield, MA in December 2006.  It was your second visit to my home.  My youngest sister Kelly had passed away suddenly in July of 2005 and you image sampleconnected with her.  It brought my family great comfort.  When you came in Dec ’06, you read three children from our family.  This is the experience I would like to share:

Linnea came to my home in December 2006 to read my sons and sisters.  This was her second visit to my home, and I liked the first, it brought us great comfort and gave us hope.  My thirteen year old son had been anxious to meet you and connect with my sister who passed away suddenly at the age of 27.  Being young, he was also nervous.  As soon as the reading began, you made it clear that he had messages waiting for him.  You called him to the seat next to you and I began to write, recording what you said so he could refer back to it someday if he wanted too.  The first thing that you communicated to him was “Saint Anslems College”.  I remember it very clearly because that college means nothing to anyone in my family.  He was in the 8th grade at the time, so again, it meant nothing to us and no one in the family had ever even been Star Team for our town.  They were a strong team and made it through several though series, father than any other team from our town has ever gotten.  The team was crowned Eastern Mass State champs and we waited for word on what the next step was.  The call came from his coach on August 2nd: We were headed to the New England Babe Ruth Title series and the open ceremonies were to be held at Saint Anslems College!!!!!

That is no coincidence!  It was very clear to me and my family that the message was meant to be heard and as Linnea so clearly has told us, “Watch for it”.  We watched for it and it came to us.  Thank you for your gift.

The Lyons Family
September 2007

I met Linnea about a year and a half ago and I am going to another reading with her this week.  My grandfather came through to me in our first meeting.  He mentioned Lesley image sampleUniversity and said I was studying Special Education.  I nearly fell off my chair!  I was 3 months away from getting my Master’s Degree through Lesley for Special Education.  He said he would send me a peacock to show how proud he was of me.  Several months later I was online looking for a site about gymnastics for my daughter when my screen was filled with the image of a peacock!

Linnea also told me I would be seeing Mariah Carey in New York to which everyone in the group laughed as I cannot stand her voice.  I am also a divorced Mom of twins and could not see me having the time or money to go to New York.  Almost a year later I was asked to go on a day trip to New York with my aunt and her best friend.  I asked my best friend to come along.  We were having a great time and the reading was not on my mind at all till we were waiting in line at Madam Trousseau’s wax museum and the viewing screen they were showing a wax figure of Mariah Carey! I started yelling “Mariah Carey in New York!!!”

I can’t wait to see Linnea again!!

Linda Currier September 2007

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