About Linnea


image sampleLinnea has displayed an amazing metaphysical understanding of the Universe since early childhood. When Linnea was a little girl, her grandmother remarried. On the day of the wedding, Linnea was upstairs in her grandmother's new home. Several pictures and portraits hung on the walls. A woman appeared and told Linnea that she was the mother in one of the pictures. She further explained that her name was Mary, and that she died before Linnea was born. Mary also stated that "her spine was healed". Mary wanted everyone to know that she knew her children now had a mother on Earth. Linnea's grandmother came upstairs and asked who she had been talking with. When Linnea told her, her grandmother related that her new husband's late wife was named Mary, and that she had died from cancer of the spine before Linnea was born.

Linnea is able to converse with the Spirit World in many different ways. She is well versed in clairaudience (hearing the messages that are being conveyed), as well as precognition (the prediction of the future). In many instances of precognition, the soul of the loved one is able to foretell what is coming in life. During the sessions that Linnea conducts, there are examples of retrocognition (going back into the past to reach those who have made their Spiritual Journey to the great beyond) and psychometry. At certain times, Linnea will hold an object (i.e. jewelry, or a possession) that was once owned by someone in Spirit. Psychometry allows her to get information by tuning into the vibrational field. Linnea can also receive information by holding a photograph (photorecognition). Using a photograph can also allow reception of specific and evidentiary information. When there is a message session, the medium does not really need to use anything to reach the vibration they are seeking. However, it is useful to have the client focus, and thus, using the above methods can bring remarkable results.

Linnea also uses a very ancient form of Divination called Cerosocopy. This involves burning candles, and pouring the melted wax into a bowl of cold water. The water is a portal - allowing the Spirit to communicate through the wax. The client pours the wax into the water, and can actually see the immediate results that are received from the Spirit World for themselves. An individual figurine materializes in the water and certain shapes will appear (i.e. stars, angels, hearts, flowers, initials, etc.). Amazingly, everyone that participates usually receives a symbol that means something only to them. No one is ever alike - very much like the snow flakes that fall and immediately crystallize.

The soul is eternal, and the body is merely a temporary vessel until our lives on Earth have been completed. To be able to reach someone in Spirit and communicate information that is true and evidentiary, is to behold that the Soul of a loved one can communicate through the veil of the other side. Documentation of these events is crucial, though. It is vital for the client to have either a tape recording or a written substantiation (notes) of what has been said. It allows the client to accurately recall what has been communicated. Spirit communication and mediumship have been here for centuries. There are examples of both within The Bible. Almost every faith believes in the afterlife, therefore, why can we not communicate with those who have gone to the Great Beyond?

Linnea conducts lectures and seminars throughout New England. Her clientele also includes people in the states of Arizona, New York, Maine, Florida, California, New Jersey, and Massachusetts. Additionally, she has clients in Canada and England.