Suggestions for Successful Experience


When you make the connection and receive messages from spirit, there is nothing comparable to that experience. Here are some suggestions to provide the most optimal, beneficial and enlightening journey possible for you:

  • Keep an Open Mind (If a message does not make sense right away, give it time - it is a process). Check with older relatives to confirm some names, place or dates. Some things that may come through may have happened before your time

  • Be Receptive! - Try not to have specific expectations of who you want to get messages from. I unfortunately cannot control who comes through

  • Have a Positive Attitude - When I gives you a message and you don't recognize the name, date or place right away, don't say "No". The negativity shuts down the energy and will drastically cut down the messages that you would have otherwise received from your loved one. Try to respond with "I am not sure" or "I cannot remember that name, place or date right now"

  • Bring an Item (i.e. jewelry, picture) of the person you are trying to connect with. Items carry the vibration of the person which, in turn, enhances the connection

  • Take Notes! - Tape recordings do work but in a group setting, there is always the risk of interference and voices may get lost. When the vibration is open, you will receive too much information to try and leave it to memory

  • Respect the Medium's Gift - Trickery when seeking a message from someone (providing false pictures, objects, information, etc. that belong to someone else) is not only deceptive; but, it ruins the experience for the rest of the group since I work off the vibration on a group level

  • No Names Prior to Readings - Even though I ask to have no names given prior to commencing my work, if your name does come up during the readings (even if it's not your reading), acknowledge it

  • Managing the Group Energy - To maintain the energy and focus within the group, keep disruptions to a minimum (smoking, eating and drinking breaks, side conversations). Turn off all electronic devices. Avoid excessive drinking of alcohol as it tends to distort the individual energy

  • Validate! - When things come true for you, let me know! Affirmations are important for me as well!

  • Payment - To avoid any confusion, please collect appropriate fees from all those attending the party prior to the party date. I will collect the money from the host before I begin my session.

I want to make this experience for you the best it can be. If you have further questions, please e-mail me and I will happy to help you prepare for your experience in Mediumship.