Linnea's Grave Secrets


The Metaphysical Phenomenon of Spirit Photography goes back many years. There have been documented cases of genuine photos, where Orbs/Spirit Presence can be readily identified. Kirlian Photography also touched upon this premise, when the photographer Seymour Kirlian was able to take photos, and the auras of the subjects gave off a bright or colorful halo around the things that he was photographing. And, there are many instances of light and colored Orbs within photos taken of families, celebrations, holidays, etc.

Since my return from the Pilgrimage made to St. Catherine Laboure's Convent in Paris, France, this phenomenon has made itself known to me. Since Sept. 2012, after my return from France, it has continued to occur with greater frequency...not just to me, but to those who are there when I am seeing these appear.

Clients are able to see these images clearly, and to readily identify some of those individuals who appear...either in cellphone or digital camera photos. I have also found that I can see these images online in photos, and when a regular photo is taken via digital means. My sincere belief is that this phenomenon will revolutionize The Metaphysical Realm. And, since I can see this and the clients can also, it appears that they are coming to communicate their Soul's continuation in Eternity. I feel that the Soul's Energy is connecting to the energy in Cyberspace.