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"I had the amazing opportunity to participate in your recent presentation at the YMCA in Danvers. I had come with several pictures of my Dad and his high school ring in hopes of having some contact with him. image sampleThe picture I most wanted to use was one of him holding me as a toddler; but, my mother had written our names on it and you clearly stated you did not want names. So I gave you his graduation picture instead. I was nervous that because he had died 32 years ago, his spiritual presence might not be strong....he was killed in a tragic motorcycle accident when I was 8 years old...I have long been interested in learning more about spiritual connections, but in all honesty, feared that if I learned more it might take something away from the comfort I have always had from my personal experiences and the beliefs I chose to hold about the importance of dreams, lost items suddenly surfacing in unexpected places, etc....
When my sister-in-law told me about a recent experience she had with you, I just knew the time had come to look deeper into the possibility of spiritual connections...I am so grateful for the experience with you. I was blown away with how connected you seemed when you spoke with my mother-in-law. As much as I believed before I walked into that room, it is awe inspiring to see it happen...
When you were talking to the woman after me, you said she should expect to receive a 'tazmanian devil'. I had written that down on my list, because in addition to all the other things you said to her that had meaning to me, my husband called my middle son that when he was two as a nickname for his high energy level and chaos creating nature. One of the things that you said to me that did not have immediate meaning was 'Lake Winnepasauki'. I thought that was where my dad may have gone hunting; but, my mom said he hunted farther north in NH. However, the day after I saw you, I had to take my son to a birthday party at a roller skating rink. I decided to stay and let my other children roller skate, too, even though it was a school night. As I was standing in this dark roller skating rink, a man walked in front of me in a big, bulky gray hooded sweatshirt and stopped momentarily, looking behind me. I noticed him because he walked unusually close to me. It was rather warm in the building; but, he had this enormous sweatshirt on. Printed across the front of his sweatshirt were the words 'Lake Winnepasauki'. He walked around behind me and stopped. I turned to look at him and again he stared past me. It was then that I realized he was standing just under a floor to ceiling painting of the 'tazmanian devil' on the wall behind him at the end of the building. It was the only recognizable character painted on the wall and it was very large. In addition, that morning, when my husband was walking out of the back door to go to work, he found a 'tazmanian devil' stuffed animal sitting in our playroom window. It was one of those toys from the claw machines at arcades. One of the children had won it some time before; but, we had not seen it recently. If I had not been to see you, none of those things would have had any meaning for me, but that day, they had tremendous comfort and meaning to me...in one small picture, you and my dad gave me a deep sense of comfort and I really wanted you to know how grateful I am."

Katie, 11/24/2006

"I wanted to write you quickly to thank you for last week's reading...at the time of my reading, I think you intimidated me a bit. Plus, I was the first person you started with, so I wasn't sure how I should behave and I was a little overwhelmed. However, after I had a chance to review and to think about all that you said, I realized that there were more startling revelations that did not occur to me at the time. The first thing you mentioned was 'St. Lucy, eyes, glasses' - my husband died suddenly without cause in the den watching TV. My daughter, Daniela, was in her room reading when she had a funny 'feeling', and got up to check on her father. When she realized that something was terribly wrong, she immediately called 911 and shouted for me. When I ran in the room, the first thing I saw was that his eyes were open and his glasses were askew. I removed his glasses and at the image samplehospital, after the priest gave him final absolution, I closed his eyes.
Another thing you said was that he showed you the Sacred Heart of Jesus, which at the time, didn't mean too much to me except the ties to my being a Catholic. As I mentioned, he died suddenly and without cause. After he died, it wasn't until that evening or the next day when the funeral director, a friend of ours, brought the death certificate to me. It showed that he had died of 'coronary artery disease' and that he had this illness for 1 year. This was not true...my first thoughts were what if he had a genetic disease that could be passed to my children? Why did a healthy male, with no prior chest pains or heart problems just suddenly die? This tore me up for months. Although people tried to reason with me that healthy people die of heart attacks all the time, I wanted to know for sure. I didn't want the opinions of others. When you said he showed you the Sacred Heart that to me was the sign I was looking for. The one that confirmed that he died of a heart attack. You have brought me peace. Not that I will get over the fact that he's dead; but, after 4 years, I know that for whatever reason, his heart gave out...Angelo himself telling me this was how he died. For that I will be forever grateful to you.
You also confirmed that whatever I've done in the past four years concerning my life and those of our children, he approved - you've confirmed, through him, that I am doing the best I can...(this was another huge issue for me). You have put my mind at ease by providing proof that he is still with us and though painful, he'll always be there, watching over us.
I wanted to let you know that, for me, you are the real deal and that I appreciate and am grateful for the opportunity to have met you."
Teresa, 11/27/2006

"On Friday night, my family and I met with you. You gave me amazing information about my father who has passed on. You predicted he would send me a sign of an eagle. On image sampleSaturday night, I was looking for a t-shirt to go to bed in so I reached into my boyfriend's stack of t-shirts. When I looked at the one I picked out, the back and front of the shirt had an eagle on it.
Also, you had told my aunt to play a scratch ticket with a "7" on it. So she did on Sunday afternoon and won $50.00. I can't even tell you how amazing I felt after my reading. I guess I just wanted to say thank you. I've missed him tremendously and for those few hours, I felt like I was with him again."

Melissa, 12/11/2006

"Linnea came to my house for a message reading and 6 of us met with Linnea (I am the youngest of 8 children). Our parents have both crossed over. My brother, although skeptical, wanted to affirm his son's 'imaginary friend'. My dad passed when the boy, image sampleRobert, was 18 months old. As early as the child acquired speech, he began to talk to his friend 'Jack'. Jack was my dad's name. Jack would have Robert ask to have a place set for him at dinner. At times, Jack showed up in the car and Robert would have conversations with him about things that he wouldn't have known or remembered. One night, my brother took his 2 boys and his wife to the Rainforest cafe for dinner. Robert said, 'Oh look, my friend is here'. My brother and his wife looked for someone familiar from their neighborhood or school. Robert informed them that it was Jack and he was holding his little brother. My brother questioned his son to find out that Jack was about 7 or 8 years old and the baby was an infant whose name was William. My dad's baby brother died as an infant when my dad was 7 or 8 and the baby's name was William. Linnea retold the story to my brother and confirmed that my dad was around and watching out for the boys whom he was very close to.
At another earlier meeting, I gave Linnea a watch that belonged to my mom who has crossed over. Upon holding the item, Linnea began singing 'there once was a girl who had a curl right in the middle of her forehead'. This is a song my mom sang especially for me when I was upset. At the end of this amazing reading, Linnea leaned forward and firmly said my maiden name. Even she was surprised at the force at which this name came through. These things along with many other affirmations have given me such peace knowing that my parents are with me and my family always. Linnea is truly gifted!"

Katrina, 1/7/2007

"I first met with you one night in October, 2005, at a friend's home with my sister. As we heard you pull up, I moved around the table because I didn't want to be first since I didn't know what to expect. After you had sat with us and explained everything to us, you asked image samplefor me to be first. From the moment you started rubbing my Dad's watch and talking with me, I was overwhelmed with you and in a total state of awe. You began naming all of the members of my family - present and in spirit. You gave me messages from them. The most important message I was waiting for, of course, was from my Dad who had passed eight years before. You asked me why he was showing me the Taj Mahal and then said he is saying, 'Come live with me. Come grow old with me. The best is yet to come. I'm with Mary' (My Grandmother). Later on, he said, 'My name is Tim'. That's when the tears started. I knew he was there and speaking to my Mom and wanted her in spirit as well. I didn't want to tell her and lose her too.
You told me I would get something from the spirit - something from him - a yellow rose. Within a week I received a yellow rose on a card with 'St. Bernadette's picture!'. You also asked me what was the meaning of July 7, and I told you that is my birthday, which is just another example of the many, many things you told me which were true. One of the most amazing things, however, in addition to my Dad speaking to my Mom through you and I, was when you saw an August anniversary and a passing.
Last month on December 10, I was thrilled to meet with you again because in August there was a passing - my mother on the 25th. You truly have an amazing gift, and I feel so fortunate to know you. Everything you said to me this time as well is true. For example, after seeing the passing and that it was my mother, you said, 'In some families when a parent dies, there is a lot of turmoil. However, there is Harmony in life now - financial - emotional.' My response was, 'Linnea, you don't know how true that is. My brother really hasn't spoken to my sister and I for more than 30 years. All of a sudden, having watched us care for my mother this past summer, he's very close to us.' It really is amazing. You made me feel so much better about my Mom when you said she said, 'I'm with Tim - there for always. Love from Tim.' And Dad said, 'I couldn't have lived without her. I don't have her strength.'
Thank you, thank you, Linnea, for letting me spend that time with my parents and realize they are happy together and at peace."

Gail, 1/9/2007


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